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Carol Roberts

Carol Roberts

Book Indexing for Quality Indexes that Increase Sales

“It is easy enough to make an index, as it is to make a broom of odds and ends, as rough as oat straw; but to make an index tied up tight, and that will sweep well into the corners, isn’t so easy.” –John Ruskin

How Is an Index Like a Roadmap?

An indexer creates a roadmap to all the pertinent information in your document and arranges it so readers can find what they need quickly and easily. Even if they look up the wrong word!
I have been indexing since 1993—over 800 comprehensive and carefully edited indexes, delivered on time. Contact me for information on indexing trade books, textbooks, reference books, periodicals, technical manuals, scholarly books, and corporate literature. A carefully crafted index makes the project you slaved over accessible to your readers. Whether you’re publishing your book through a mainstream publisher or self-publishing, if your roadmap is getting you nowhere, contact me today.

The Roberts Vision

Stradivarius violin vs. Hohner harmonica;  day spa vs. strip-mall beauty salon; French brie vs. "cheez" spread. Quality matters. My vision is to help discerning editors and authors take their book projects to the next level.

How Can I Help You?

Authors: You know your book needs an index, but frankly you'd rather have a root canal. I index books so you don't have to.

Corporate: Your staff has trouble finding information in your internal documents. Or they waste valuable hours indexing documentation, something they were never trained for. I index books so your staff can get back to what you hired them for.

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